The big news today is that it is rumoured that gravitational waves have been detected. For me, more disturbing is the claim that these show merging black holes. I make an argument that I did not believe this could happen so it could be I am wrong. Of course, these are only rumours, and I never proved my assertion so there is some leeway but I will be keeping watch on this. I have to be prepared to accept that I am wrong if this proves to be the case.

Now I have heard the official news release, and it looks as though the evidence is pretty compelling. It matches the numerical simulation remarkably well which confirms that the field equations of general relativity hold firm at least up to the event horizon. And yes, serious doubts about some of the things I have claimed. That really is science though. I will add more after some further thought.

21 September 2019

Still musing on this.  Two thoughts have occurred to me. One is that the simulations consider the inside of a black hole with a central singularity and not an impenetrable shell. I cannot anticipate what effect this will have on the result. The other point is that with many black hole candidate pairs (currently 22), they nearly all fall outside the range of black holes detected by other means.

A different point is that my reluctance to abandon all that I believe in merely echoes the reluctance of others to consider my views fairly. All I can say in my defence is that it is important for people to critically argue against prevailing views just to fully test the conclusions.


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