Only a few days pass and the explanation is thrown into doubt by the discovery of a supermassive black hole in the early universe. And by not being surrounded by a massive galaxy. Such upsets are normal and within a short space of time, someone will have done a simulation which shows that by tweaking a few parameters in the early universe it is all explainable. I will let you know.

Where are all the questions? I know that some of you are reading what I say, but even if you think it is all rubbish, I would still like to hear from you. So do This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Something I read a few days ago made me think. If a supermassive black hole grows to be a massive size in the first billion years of the Universe, how big is it today? Or is there something a little wrong with the supermassive black hole creation theories, or even with the big bang?

In case you missed, here is Hawking's lecture. 

An article in Scientific American is extremely interesting. In particular, it points out exactly how much is still not known. Worth reading twice. 

Must apologise, but the first link is not the one I intended. As of now, I have failed to find the one I was reading. Nothing wrong with the one I have given, though.

A recent forum entry remindied me of all of the 'nonsense' that swirls around the model of what goes on in a black hole. I have mentionsed such things as other universes, wormholes etc. but this epands the list with the following quote: "we haven't directly and/or clearly observed the Hawking radiation, the Unruh radiation, a singularity in general relativity, gravitational waves let alone gravitons, excited strings, additional compactified spatial dimensions, superpartners, quanta of the inflaton field, regions with a different value of the inflaton field, regions with differently compactified extra dimensions than our way, and many other things". Of these I would probably accept Hawking and Unruh radiation without a lot of doubt. What do you think?