When black holes meet there are two things to consider when contemplating the merger.

  1. Adding mass to give just the required angular momentum
  2. The fact that a black hole cannot deform prior to meeting

The first item is required for both black holes simultaneously. With other mass falling towards a black hole there is the possibility of radiation carrying off any excess mass, but this is not allowed with black holes as the {tip:: The second black hole law}surface area can only increase{/tip}. The second is required and makes it difficult to understand how the merging could physically occur.

More work needed, but see blog on 9 February 2016

Next, we suggest an answer to the question: where do supermassive black holes come from?

The neutron star connection->


By User: Catsquisher (User: Catsquisher Transferred from en.wikipedia) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Included here because it is just a great picture.

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