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About ProffittCenter EPOS

Dave Proffitt supplies the ProffittCenter program entirely free of charge.

Dave worked as an electronics engineer, designing digital systems for most of his working life, but was never much of a programmer.

Dave started in retailing in 1987 and ran a convenience store until 2001, when he retired. During that time, he naturally started thinking about how computers could be used to tackle some of the tasks needed to run a successful business. He tried to write a program to implement his ideas but did not make much progress. Then, in 1998, he bought a program to run on his newly acquired personal computer. This program lacked many of the features he wanted, but was tolerable. Then in the year 1999, his computer failed, and the program supplier demanded an annual fee before allowing it to be installed on a new computer. By then, the annual fee was almost as much as the original program cost. At that stage, Dave had developed a rudimentary EPOS program that embodied some of the features he was looking for. There was still some work to do to make the program useable, but after a week's intensive effort, the program went live. This original Solo version was developed over the next ten years to feature all of the ideas in Dave's original plan, eventually getting over 1000 users throughout the world. This program has now been superseded by the enhanced Pro version, using more up to date technology. With more time available since retiring, the program has become a world-beating system.