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Welcome To ProffittCenter EPOS

POS or point of sale. If you are looking for a totally open and free Point Of Sale (scanning) program to run on your own computer, then you have come to the right place - ProffittCenter POS. Far more than just a low cost computerized cash register! Full stock control and ordering. Slash your inventory costs. Stop being out of stock! Have more control than your competitors! ProffittCenter is Point Of Sale software that is so good that your standing as the leading local tradesman will soar to new heights. Try it today. Use it for years. Join the community of thoughtful retailers with Point Of Sale software that thinks like you do.

ProffittCenter is an entirely Point Of Sale scanning program that is Windows compatible and available to download for no more than a click. A POS program to solve all your retail stock control problems. A Point Of Sale program to minimize your stock holding without compromising availability.

For the discerning retailer, who has already imposed professional standards on the running of their business, ProffittCenter POS can help them take the next step to a wholly professional operation, that would be the envy of many national companies.

Try it out today. You have nothing to lose

  • Free Updates
  • Free help
  • Free support
  • No obligations
  • No locking yourself in to one, dubious EPOS supplier
  • ProffittCenter is Not only Pound, but Dollar, Rand and Euro friendly too
  • A substantial choice of customer offers available! Discounts, BOGOF etc.
  • ProffittCenter now works with all versions of Windows up to Window 10!
  • Stunning sales screen with intuitive interface
  • Intelligent ordering that will slash inventory costs without compromising customer service
  • Rock solid online backup included at no cost
  • Top class performance reports to enhance your business performance
  • Responsive support always available seven days a week by phone or email

What you get with ProffittCenter is a fully functional EPOS program with automatic ordering, shelf edge labels, bar code printing, and stock taking; all with a fully featured sales screen that will wow your customers and your competitors!

ProffittCenter has been generally available since 1999 and has over a 1000 users worldwide. Join the growing band of dedicated supporters. This Point Of Sale system is the only true Windows program for retail scanning at the point of sale. Come inside and discover the benefits.

The hardware requirements are quite modest at a minimum. For most situations, a bar-code scanner would be desirable. Other than that, a standard computer and ink jet printer are all that are required. You can of course move on to a fully professional system with receipt printer and cash drawer. ProffittCenter can supply all the hardware at fair prices. Check out our hardware prices. We can also supply complete turnkey systems without breaking the bank. Support is always available, even if you don't buy our hardware. So step into our site and explore the possibilities.

When you are convinced by the power of ProffittCenter, you can also purchase cheap Point Of Sale hardware to complete your installation, with the assurance that there will be no problems with compatibility. A Point Of Sale program together with quality, low cost POS hardware. A winning combination.

New features allow for different tax regimes, such as VAT, sales tax, and specific settings for non-registered VAT traders, and VAT registered wholesalers.

You are probably looking to improve your bottom line.

Most commercial companies offering POS software will swear that you can improve your margins by up to 3%. This is indeed a reckless promise which commonly equates to the weekly cost of buying their high price equipment.

The truth is, that most businesses can improve their profits with greater control. A Point Of Sale program can be one step towards achieving this; but a much more important factor, is a personal desire to control every detailed aspect of your business. The first step to achieving this is to control every aspect of your fixed business costs. Rent, rates, power, telephone and banking charges. Just knowing these costs is a must. Rent increases should never just be accepted. Argue your case with your landlord. Consider using an expert to help but be well aware of their charges before embarking on this course. Have you appealed against rate increases? No need for experts here; you know better than anyone about all of the adverse factors affecting your business. Power and telephone services can be bought from alternative and cheaper sources with nothing to lose. So can banking, including credit card processing. Never feel that you cannot change. If you had customers who would never shop elsewhere, would you reward their loyalty by moving to more comfortable margins over time? Big business is no different.

After fixed costs, start to look at your variable costs.

Are you holding too much in stock? Too much stock will not only cost money directly, but will push up wastage and insurance costs. ProffittCenter, the POS program for the small retailer, will help you reduce stock holding substantially. This can release £1000's for you to invest more sensibly in your business.

Are stock losses from theft too high. Do you even know how much you are losing? POS can definitely help you find out. Only ProffittCenter, the POS program for the small retailer, excels by having excellent and targeted stock taking procedures; an essential to knowing where and when items go missing. It is not enough to know that you are suffering substantial losses if you only find out after a regular three monthly stock take.

Are your promotions driving sales and profits? Without information you will never know. ProffittCenter, the POS software system, will allow sales of individual products, or departments, to be transferred to a spreadsheet for detailed analysis and graphing.

To say it all once again. POS software will not solve all your problems. Introduce an POS scanning program only to give yourself more control, not to save yourself money or time. ProffittCenter is an entirely POS scanning program for the small retailer that will help you gain control if you are prepared for the commitment. Take your time to check out the program fully - read through the help files on this site, and with the download, so that you fully understand the functions. Set up your initial database with care, with the right departments. Whenever you see an error in a database entry, make a point of correcting the error as soon as possible. Time will be saved in your shop but you may well find that the demands on your time will increase.

Remember, ProffittCenter is much more than a computer cash register. The features offered will amaze you, and it is getting better all the time.